Google adding more facilities for desktop and mobiles

People started with the use of effective and high tech mobiles which got replaced by the smart phones, so called having almost every single feature that made life easier and trendy. The use of internet is vast and in good amount when surveyed all over the world. Starting with students, they are in the range of 70- 80% teens using their cell phones or better to be known as the smart phones as their access media for internet. Getting exposed to the wide knowledge has got boosted immensely with the use of smart phones. This is why Google has implemented the idea of getting in various facilities for mobiles and even desktop.

Using mobiles does not make desktop usage less preferred. There are even now the middle aged people who do believe in using desktop as for printing and scanning purposes, in businesses. The purpose of combining both the mobile and desktop ads and other applications in major is to allow the users more flexibility towards the use of mobiles. With more desktop items and features getting converted to the mobile version will only develop more anxiety in the already widely used mobiles.

Although the survey has came up with sad news like the pay-per-click of the Google ads have fallen to straight 15 percent loss every year as there has been results proving that how immensely in use of mobile has become a rage and people are moving towards its use and refrain from the desktop ads. This affects in getting more advertisers too. The yearly loss is visible as per the heads of the Google operators.

It is said that the transparency is more if the mobile and the desktop contents merge and become one, but still people are into getting more conscious with mobiles. Like the latest to be the Google shopping product listing which is very much as a benefit for the advertisers. This will add on more glitter to the mobile world too. The mobile platform is truly dynamic for the system and moreover the ability that Google has to fix the problem related to the same is also wide.

Taking immediate actions like purchasing, booking, reserving and shopping is what the mobile ads provide and with daily improvisation in the technological front more people are starving for the mobile apps inventions. This will not only widen the arena for public but even for the sellers.

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