Tips on Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is the page where visitors enter the website & there are possibilities of conversion. But above all it leaves the visitor confused! Why is it? This is simply because they lack the elements of a landing page, both in terms of design and text content. If you do not want visitors or press the browser back button as soon as the land on the landing page will need to adopt a clear strategy. It is only through a specific approach that you can focus on a particular message and hit a chord with the public.

We have listed some essential steps for higher conversion rate of your landing page:

1) Sublime Simplicity: No doubt there is a great power in simplicity. Keep the landing page simple, with a means for the most relevant information in order to attract an audience. Either text or images you use all should immediately take the visitor to act in the direction. If your message is not easy and relevant, it is easy to confuse visitors and force them to leave the page.

2) Signals confidence: The rate of conversion to a landing page is directly proportional to build confidence among the visitors. If you want to convert visitors into buyers of their products (and services) should show the most important signals of reliability. So do not forget to include customer references, press releases, coverage in the media and control of security in their landing pages.

3) Tell about product benefits & not features: One of the biggest mistakes most companies make their landing pages is that they focus on the features of the product. Though your product may be more useful but have to prove it or has to come up with some solutions. Therefore, you should direct its efforts to tell the customer that your product really going to do work for them.

4) Hire a professional writer: Writing is one of the most important aspects of a landing page. It should be much more relevant than what you say. Few but properly woven words will make more impact than large number of words. A professional writer helps you create a copy that is free of linguistic errors; a message is targeted, relevant and actionable. So do not write the text of the sales!

5) Call to action button: To create a landing page or conversion is very effective; you must first understand the anatomy of a key call to action. Just a nice looking button will not increase you bank balance. A call to action button contains a) phrase & b) appearance. An attractive call to action button will result to inspire visitors & take immediate action.

6) Keep your promises: Don’t be a victim of message-mismatch. Make sure your visitors have exactly the same as promised. If you run an email campaign, you really need to make sure that the promotional copy of the e-mail address is totally in tune with what you offer on the home page. Remember to keep your word!

7) Apples Oranges face trials: What works best with a particular audience cannot work with others. Different audiences have different needs. Do some experiments a little A / B to find out what makes the biggest impact on your target audience.

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