Regular changes and their impact on Social Media platforms need to be understood to get a better level of preparedness, platform selection, and audience understanding to place you ahead of the curve.

Following are some of the latest Social Media Marketing trends that reflect the Social Media flow-

Social shopping: Referral shopping on social media is probably the biggest trend where the rate of consumers using social media referrals or “buy now” buttons on their favorite platforms (like Twitter or Pinterest) has jumped more than 150% since 2013.

In-the moment updates: Live updates herald new era of immediacy in Social media through live video, Periscope, Instagram, Snap chat etc.

Video content: Video content is the most popular medium and has more potential for virality than any other type of content.

Mobile optimization: Mobile optimization including app optimization is about offering the best possible content and functionality experience to mobile users, who grow in numbers compared to desktop users by the day.

Long-form content: User demand and search engine favoritism have shifted toward long-form content which provides more detail, more long-tail and conversational phrases) and more market differentiation.

Voice search and digital assistants: Now, more people are relying on voice search, and every major tech company seems to have their own digital assistant including Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Now.

Local results: Pursuing a local strategy can help e-commerce companies differentiate them from the competition and target a smaller, possibly more relevant niche.

User privacy:  User concerns over privacy are going to encourage only those platforms, which offer a degree of privacy and security away from intrusive advertising.