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Why Mentoring?

The origins of mentoring can be traced back to ancient Greece as a technique to impart social, spiritual, and personal values to people.

Mentoring relationships may range from loosely defined, informal associations in which a mentee learns by observing and examples, to structured formal agreements between expert and novice co-mentors where each develops professionally through two-way transfer of knowledge and viewpoints.

Whether the relationship is deemed formal or informal, the goal of mentoring is to provide career advice as well as both professional and personal enrichment.


Having a mentor offers an easier, better and more focused path to learn things which were primarily learned through experience and observation instead of guidance.

Mentoring is a not a one way road! It is truly a win-win-win situation.

  • It helps the (mentee) become more proficient with his/her work and develop new skills
  • It is good for the mentor to "give back" by sharing wisdom
  • It helps the institution/company by developing well-rounded, knowledgeable professionals


Mentoring complements training. It is much more about coaching and counseling.

The training we do is primarily about functional things - the How To stuff!

Mentoring deals with qualitative and subjective parts - giving constructive criticism, dealing with frustration, handling disappointment, behaving with humility and compassion, etc.

Being a good mentor is not an easy task. It also takes an emotional commitment that is very much like parenting, where we teach a child to be successful (even when the "child"- "mentee" doesn't feel that he/she needs this guidance).

Meet OurMentor

Mr. Gaurang Mistry

Co-Founder & Director of Training

Gaurang has crafted a unique blend of training and consulting based on scientific principles of psychology and sociology, that prepares a person to lead a successful and conscious lifeful of achievements. Based on principles of Holy Bhagavad Gita this curriculum preps the trainee to plan, prioritize and provide strength and means to shine thru any situation in professional and personal domain, be it problems in Personal, Profession, Relation, Marriage Life, Financial Growth, Education, Child’s Career, Health or Future Planning. The unique psychosomatic analysis done with a date of birth and gender helps identify précised personal characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, genetic traits, prototype life, interests & mindset, psychological environment, and many other behavioral & psychological aspects. Gaurang’s Swayam Education Theory is equally effective in corporate, academic, and government organizations.

Meghavi Vyas

Training Head (Soft Skills)

Meghavi Vyas has done her soft skill certification with a SQA accreditation, which is a Scottish vocational body. Her train the trainer comes with prestigious NABET accreditation. She has done her Image Consulting Partner program which is certified by Conselle-USA. With background as a civil engineer she very well understands the systematic analysis of training programs to be conducted.

She has been awarded Asean Business Excellence Award by IeCM Malaysia as an advancing and enterprising entrepreneur from India in 2017. She has delivered a series of talks on Image Management and soft skill complied and included as a part of an educational program by a MLM company. She also has written two books for the same company. 2019 and 2020 she has been consecutively identified amongst the top 150 woman entrepreneurs pan India by Great Companies. Feb 2020, she has been awarded Best Woman Entrepreneur by Live24, a national news channel – New Delhi.

We judge the cover and buy books. Similarly people buy our services and products by judging our packaging. Meghavi Vyas works on people packaging which is nothing but helping people put their best foot forward.

Since a decade she has been practicing as a Corporate trainer and an Image Management Consultant and blessed to be a change agent in people’s life. Meghavi firmly believes in her brand promise that quotes, “Change your Image, Change your Life”.

Apollo, Panasonic, DCM-Shriram-Kota, Jindal Steel – Barmer, LnT-Power, ONGC, GSFC, UTIBharuch, IOT-Anwesha, Dresser-Rand(now part of Siemens), VCCI, Toyo Ink, BMA, BDMA, China Steel Corporation, Royal Orchid Hotels, are a few she has catered to. She has also been associated with various educational institutes like, M.S.U., Parul University, Navrachna, K.J.I.T, C.K.Shah, N.C.C., ICSI etc.