Mentor & Me Concept

Mentor & Me skill enhancement approach is encompassed in a motivating term “ASPHIRE” which precisely addresses every module that is customized for client’s requirement. “ASPHIRE” model is a combination of exterior confidence generating and an interior self esteem building neatly crafted modules that deliver strong enhancements to individuals and groups. “ASPHIRE” trains participants a need to adapt change to enhance their growth from within not just change for external factors that leads to a short term change in the style. Such enhancements have depth and sustainability. A ultimate result productive for enterprise and individuals alike.


Let’s break it down!!!


Confidence Builders

Workplace Wellness

Physically healthy workforce is a productive one!!! MENTOR & ME helps clients to make their manpower a healthy workforce with introduction of “Power Workplace Workout” regiment. Learn to keep your physique fit while working with less strenuous complimenting workout exercises. MENTOR & ME physical training modules are combinations of calisthenics, isometrics and certain workplace workouts.
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Aesthetic Wellness

Physical toning of the body gets stronger with a strong internal muscle toning. MENTOR & ME modules of Aesthetic wellness are a neatly crafted combination posture correction with proper breathing techniques. Yoga workshop for individuals at all levels to inculcate a healthy regiment within their working environment, at their own pace. Customizable modules with ease of integration along with MENTOR & ME core training modules to make it a strong presentation with proven results.
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Image is everything!!! Look appropriate for the occasion is a mantra that exudes confidence in delivery. MENTOR & ME styling module delivers key results for individuals and groups to create and maintain their image at every levels of interaction. Styling tips to styling techniques with information about its procurement within their means.
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