Customized institution packages designed to train & develop skills in
candidates helping them to become complete professionals.

Mentor & Me training modules for colleges and universities is the most practical de-briefer for students who are ready to enter the workforce market. Modules designed specifically on elements that are expected of every individual by their future employers. Building confidence, articulation in communication, accepting discipline and taking leadership to one’s responsibilities are the core formation of these modules. Built on the platform of simplicity and comprehensively aggressive.

Personality Boosters Talk the Walk Growth Builders Leadership leverages
Appearance Management Communication - Work Life Balance Take charge
Professional Dressing Assertive Communication Stress Management Social Int.
Professional Grooming Body Language for Assertiveness Time Management Relationship Management
Professional Etiquette Aspects of Vocal Communication Be a Team Player Decision Making
Self Presentation Public Speaking Productivity Enhancement Skills to get hired/(promoted) Adv.
Skills to get hired(Basic level) *Small Talk for networking Being Professional Solution Oriented
Self Awareness - Confidence Building Handling Change
- Goal Setting & Achieving Leadership
- Efficient v/s Effective
- Self Projection as a Leader

Memory Techniques

  • Memory enhancement techniques are not exclusively for people with short-term memory loss.
  • Understanding new memory techniques will help in learning new concepts, perform well in exams, organize your life, bring down your stress level, and even improve your financial state.
  • Find methods to enhance short-term memory in order to enable it to progress to long-term.

We can all use some assistance in these areas, so what's preventing you from participating in a memory workshop, or purchasing tapes on memory improvement?

Soft Skills

  • It refers to a cluster of personal qualities, attitudes, habits and social graces that makes someone a good employee. They are interpersonal and intra personal that determines a person's competence to adapt in a social or formal structure.
  • Every organization looks for an employee with a different set of technical skills and experience.
  • In order to complement such features there are some soft skills every organization looks for in a potential hire.

Group Discussions

  • Group Discussion is a modern technique of evaluating participants temperaments.
  • It is both, a comprehensive tool and an approach to determine the worthiness of the person and his/her appropriateness for the task.
  • Group discussions enhance communication skills, analytical skills and helps in improving the thinking process of the candidates.

Our workshop covers all the aspects of group discussions, starting from commencing it to concluding the discussion in a right way.

Business Communication

  • Improved performance is one of the main benefits of proper business communication.
  • Business communication often takes various forms, including verbal, electronic/digital & written messages.
  • Verbal communication can happen over the telephone or in-person through meetings and casual interactions. Digital communications include emails, instant messaging & website interactions.
  • Usually, written communication is the most significant type which comes to mind when talking about various types of business communication. It consists of printed materials like formal letters, advertisements and internal memos.

Our (Business Communication Skills courses) have been specially designed to communicate more efficiently and effectively.

Interview Skills

  • Each and every hiring decision is extremely important.
  • Competency based employment interviews are created to bring down personal impressions that may have an effect on the hiring decision.
  • By concentrating on the applicant's actions and behaviors, instead of subjective impressions, interviewers make more precise recruitment selections.
  • Acquiring the right people in the right jobs is essential in attaining any organization’s objectives.
  • Participants discover how to interview effectively and get the opportunity to practice and are given feedback on their interviewing abilities.

Our highly practical interviewing skills course would be customized to work around you and the company’s competency framework.