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The Covid-19 pandemic has metamorphically altered the lifestyle, behavioral patterns, social etiquettes and business working styles. What should have been done to be smart and prudent style has been forced upon all without any discrimination. One shall pay close attention to norms that were taken for granted or not of a concern, like assembling in a large crowd, shaking hands, folks coughing without adhering to protocol, following civic sense rules and also adopting smart business processes and protocols.

Mentor & Me’s BRP (Business Recovery Protocol) guidelines document works as an awareness building blue print for businesses in conducting its operations coming out of a stressed environment in “The New Normal” unhinged and ready to plug and play!!! Businesses experience a culture shock during and after the catastrophic calamity either natural or manmade happens to paralyze the surroundings. Any size of business is capable in overseeing those elements that is a basic requirement to sustain during an event of calamity and after the event subsides. The BRP provides general guidelines suitable for all businesses, regardless of type and size, containing information and protocols compiled from health professionals, associations, consultants and other businesses with experience in implementing successful safety and health programs. With years of research and experience DRP has compiled a combination of awareness based guidelines, precise assessment of infrastructure, introducing technological automation and health guidelines of global standards.

Catastrophic events occur in the form of civil unrest, regional, national or global epidemic or pandemic, political upheavals or social unrest. The magnitude of such events can or will affect the general flow of business in its operations or projections. The detriments are primarily in loss of production or inability to provide services, lack of manpower to service the needs, not enough transaction potentials and a breakdown in complete process of logistics or supply chain.

The three areas that DRP helps businesses to build its awareness and immunity include worksite analysis, technological automation and office wellness. This element includes guidelines for managers and employees to create and implement policy, and foster a culture of safe work practices. Establishing goals and objectives, assigning responsibilities, making resources available and granting authority are additional guidelines of this element. Reviews of the program are also recommended on an annual basis to assess program value and to identify areas of improvement.

Approaches to all spheres in life is never going to be the same post lockdowns or Covid situations. This stands true even after an answer is found for the covid-19 pandemic. The predicaments of lockdowns has led to acceptance of alternative lifestyle is every segment.

That is “The New Normal”!!! Make the best of it…


Business Recovery Protocol helps corporate and groups to adopt and adapt to a more process driven methodologies and activities within the business structure. Adopting these components gives entrepreneurs the business freedom to run and control business under any adverse circumstances and best also to be prepared of it.


A neatly thought after solution for any Catastrophe. Adopting Cata-strategies and adapting cata-plans.


Academics 24..7..365!!! Cata-plan calls for schools and colleges to adopt techno automation into academics to deliver curriculum and perform administrative activities.

Preventive Guidelines
for Hospitality /Retail

Social distancing within business establishment, building confidence for patrons and providing clean and hygienic environment are not going to be optional….it will be mandated within guidelines. Awareness is going to be key element for building confidence.